Urban Arrow

There’s a new craze about to take off in family biking: the Urban Arrow.Part speedy street bike, part versatile cargo bike, Urban Arrow has created a bike built with families in mind. The bike is made to haul children and other precious cargo through urban environments with ease and agility. 

Urban Arrow prides itself on safety and everything about the bike was designed with that in mind. The seating area has a low center of gravity, the EPP box is made of the same material used in motorcycle helmets, the frame is very lightweight and there is a 4-speed electric pedal assist that makes the ride swift and comfortable.

Urban Arrow has been recognized and awarded for their innovative designs. Despite their success, they are continuing to look for ways to improve the safety and longevity of their bikes, particularly how to make the cargo box more durable to withstand the urban environment. 

That’s where LINE-X comes in. Urban Arrow needed a durable surface coating that could adhere to their existing EPP boxes, effectively strengthening them against impact and abrasion damage. They turned to a LINE-X dealer in the Netherlands for a suitable solution.

LINE-X Urban Arrow

 LINE-X spray-on polyurea coatings are an ideal fit for Urban Arrow bikes. They are spray applied and dry to the touch in a matter of seconds. LINE-X coatings are incredibly hard-wearing and are used in many industrial environments where they are exposed to extreme conditions like temperature, chemicals, heavy impacts and abrasion – even bomb blasts.

Currently, LINE-X is being tested on Urban Arrow cargo bikes with positive results. LINE-X coated boxes are traveling through the streets of Amsterdam being run into fences, bumping curbs and the people of Urban Arrow are likely having a grand time trying to scuff up the coating. So far, no scuffs.

We are honoured that Urban Arrow plans to utilise LINE-X across their personal transport range of family bikes. Both LINE-X and Urban Arrow share a passion for creating innovative products that are reliable and safe for customers everywhere.  

We hope to offer the same level of durable protection to their line of cargo bikes used for food transport. Thank you for the opportunity Urban Arrow, we are excited to be working with you. 

Check out all of Urban Arrow's innovative bikes at https://www.urbanarrow.com/. And while you're exploring, be sure to check out some of the other cool things that can be sprayed with LINE-X. Would you believe that LINE-X has been used to make art. It's true. Giant, ridiculously protected art, see more here: www.linexofthunderbay.ca/pages/casestudies. 

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